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The fee will depend on the consultation type (new problem vs a review appointment) and there will be a small fraction of the consultation fee that you may have to pay out of the pocket, for further information please contact the rooms. You should expect about $70-150 out of pocket for initial and followup visits remembering that Dr Naseem does not charge out of pocket for the surgeries she performs. Pensioners and patients with special circumstances maybe bulk-billed.

Yes, Dr Naseem has public appointments at Royal Women’s Hospital and Box Hill Hospital. She has the resources to book you in a public hospital directly from her rooms.

All patients with cancer will be seen within the week, for non-urgent cases a 1-2 weeks appointment time may apply. If you are a private patient you can choose date of your surgery, for public patients surgery wait time will depend on urgency of your case as per the hospital wait-list policy.

If you are a public patient there is no cost to the surgery but please note that Dr Naseem has public operating rights at only the Royal Women’s Hospital and box hill hospital. For private patients, the fees ( i.e. the out of pocket expense) will depend on the type of surgery and type of cover you have from your private insurer, but in majority of cases there is no out of pocket for surgical fees provided by Dr Naseem. We will provide you with full details of your surgical costs prior to your surgery.

Dr Naseem runs consultations from her offices in Richmond and Berwick. Addresses are below:

77 Erin Street, Richmond
Berwick Specialist Centre, Suite 2.3, 55 Kangan Drive, Berwick

  • Royal Women's Hospital (public)
  • St John of God Berwick (private)
  • Box Hill Hospital
    Homesglen private Hospital
  • Epworth Richmond, Agora Centre (private)

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